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About Me

As the name of my blog suggests, I am Hafsa; your average teenage girl writing with an over-worked glitter pen feathered at the top. The words then strewn and the 'i'-s then dotted with sparkly hearts are what render the articles I post on this blog. The convenience of being an 9th grader assures plenty of free time on my hands, some of which is spent idly watching anime and chatting with this friend or that, while the rest is spent devouring books of fiction, writing a piece or two myself and struggling to get the hang of programming. As a straight-A student, I bear flair both in art and in science and find equal importance in both. Here in Pakistan, the scope for authorship is somewhat limited and arts is trivialised when weighed up against science but I strive to do just that! That is my dream- to leave a deep groove on the path belittled.