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My Ideal School

October 26, 2015 | 3 Minute Read

Deep within us lies a hidden power; a slumbering magic undiscovered under its covers. Far back in the past, magic was believed in and it sprouted from their fingertips as miracles, filling page after page so as to preserve a memory for the generations to come. However, time rusted this wonderful magic until all those miracles seemed mere legends; myths that were folly to believe in.

But I believe otherwise.

Perhaps this is mindless dreaming, but an ideal school for me would be one that is able to harness the magic we behold. ‘A School of Magic’. This school, unlike normal schools, would not aim its focus on useless subjects like Algebra, Trignomentary, Literature, Foreign languages, Biology, Physics, History and countless other meaningless subjects that drain all the creativity out of pupils, neither will its prime purpose lie in the admissions of its pupils in the IVY League Universities, no, rather it will teach its students all kinds of magic! Charms, Spells, Potions, Transfiguration, Divination, Instant Transmition, Defense and even a touch of Black Magic.

We’d know how to soar high in the skies, to breathe serpent flames, to brew potions that turn us into giants, to bring pictures to life, to become invisible to the naked eye, to bring mountains tumbling down with a mere swish of our wands, to part the flowing rivers and to manipulate our powers in ways which enable us to do things science can’t. This school will have a selection of teachers, ranging from vampires, Frankenstein, gargoyles, werewolves, centaurs, fauns and other mystical creatures who are the absolute embodiment of magic and who will be able to tip some of their powers into their pupils. But, rest assured all concerned parents, these seemingly scary teachers would pose no threat to the young students for magic never harms.

As for the infrastructure of my magical school, the building shall own up to its name. Children will make it their home and create new families for this school will be a boarding school. This way, the children will learn to love their school instead of being repelled by it. Every corner, every crevice of the school shall be filled with magic. Talking pictures, revolving stairs, inquiring doors, biting books and roaming ghosts! Each student must be sorted in one of the 5 houses according to his/her personality traits and each house will have its own common room, secured by a password. From the exterior, the building will be perceived different by every pair of eyes; a little girl might see it as a colossal, pink, story book-like castle sparkling in the glow of the sun whereas a bully might see it as a dreary, haunted building, flanked by statues of gargoyles with chains pressing close the doors. A different person, a different perception.

Examinations and tests in this school will not be preceded by students pouring over books with blood-shot eyes, memorizing line by line. Rather, the syllabus will remain a mystery. One can be asked to fight a dragon, to turn themselves into weasels or even to duel one another. Something that tests your skill, not your memory capacity!

My Ideal School is clearly just wishful thinking. But i don’t see any reason why wishes can’t be granted…